The importance of preparing to take the sacred medicine of Ayahuasca

It is very important to have a diet before taking ayahuasca, fasting, conscious breathing, yoga, food and meditation are part of this great preparation.

At least we must allocate a prudent time to do it. The body and mind must assimilate the healing that is taking place before the retreat, since this medicine is not a magical or hallucinogenic concoction.

In this way, the connection with medicine will be a moment of dedication and complete healing.


Its name means “liana of the soul” and it is an ancient practice. This liana together with the chakruna plant gives rise to the sacred medicine drink called ayahuasca or yagé.

This medicine has been used to cure physical, spiritual, mental and psychic diseases.

Ayahuasca has been scientifically studied where it has been found that one of its natural components of ayahuasca, dimethyltryptamine (DMT), promotes the formation of neurons and is capable of inducing the formation of other brain cells.

Ayahuasca leads to the awakening of consciousness connecting with the superior being that each human being possesses within himself, giving the freedom to find answers and questions about our own existence.

This practice is done with a ritual, in a natural and suitable environment so that each human being has the connection with the Divine and can understand the reason for his life in each facet of his past and present, reaching a level of understanding higher evolutionary.

The yagé or ayahuasca is the medicine of the soul, medicine of conscience, it is an encounter with oneself.

The power of inner silence

To connect with the dormant wisdom that lives in each individual, we must stop and learn to connect with that inner silence.

By practicing silence we can find more mental clarity, without judgments, without precepts or masks, it is to surrender to the present without judging, it is to live in accordance with creation, it is to know the flow of energy that leads to emotions and to feel ourselves in each flow of life.

Practicing silence daily is an essential tool for the path that we long to continue in the awakening of consciousness.

To be in silent does not mean to move away from the noise, it is to accept that everything is within oneself and to transform it.

Yoga, Mind, Body

Yoga is a thousand-year-old practice from the East where the great masters left off and continues to this day. It is wonderful to have this tool since it seeks the center and the union of balance between the mind and the body through conscious breathing.

Leading us to become less reactive to emotional burdens. Connecting with the detachment to judge ourselves, to know and understand each other in a loving way, and aware of the reality in which we live.