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Ancestral knowledge,
our heritage

The COLIBRÍ DEL ARCOIRIS foundation is a place where communication tools are shared for the growth, development and consciousness expansion.

The foundation opens its doors for the purpose of knowledge and healing in development from Ancestral, holistic and alternative wisdoms.

As a team we know that if we go back to our roots, we'll have hope, to heal and remember that we are one with everything surrounds us.

The ancestral practices integrate the well-being of human life, the care of mother nature, the relationship of mental hygiene and spiritual health between the human being and their roots.

We are reconnecting again with these ancestral wisdoms and life itself, giving a new beginning to natural medicine, sacred plant and spiritual consciousness.

This great family began holding conscious healing events in small groups and today, they administer large community of people seeking their own path of self-knowledge in their healing.


Events and retreats

You will experience a connection of healing and self-discovery of your own consciousness. You will work on the spiritual, physical and mental dimensions of being through the practices that are developed in each activity.

Work methodology

Focused exclusively on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing through different curative practices. medicinal and ancestral plants, together with alternative therapies and traditional disciplines from both India and China (yoga, pranayamas, pinyin, jiu, acupuncture, among others), which are carried out in the foundation.

Every healing approach carried out in the foundation is directed to the entire population.

Our team

Taita Eveiro Barrera

He was born in a land full of magic and absolute mystery, in the imposing Sierra Nevada de Güicán, Colombia, where his essence is marked by the tradition of ancient botany.

He travels to the Amazon basin of Colombia, Peru and Brazil where he reinforces his ancestral and spiritual knowledge, it is there where he learns yagé or ayahuasca medicine with the indigenous ethnic groups for several years, it is there where he obtains knowledge of the handling and preparation of sacred medicine yagé, and other ancestral medicines.

Guided by his knowledge and commitment to the mission, he decides to deepen his studies of ancestral botany, Reiki, vipassana meditation practices, asanas, holistic therapies, music therapy, taekwondo and hapkido. He has followed a vegetarian diet for more than two decades, thus giving a complement to his ancestral wisdom.

At the age of 70, he carries on the practice and knowledge of medicines, always recognizing that GOD is the center of wisdom and universal consciousness. Lover of the preservation and care of mother earth, of life and everything that leads to the harmony of growth as a human being.

Senneth Calderón

She was born in Tarqui, Colombia. She has studies in Fashion Design, Social Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, holistic therapies, bioenergetics, Reiki, functional nutrition, vital breathing and Singing Bowl Therapy.

She also has a diploma in human values, she is a facilitator of yagé / ayahuasca medicine and a practitioner of vipassana meditation.

She really enjoys nature, silence, healing retreats, and any wellness practice that contributes to the growth of universal consciousness. She deeply believes that we are unity, in GOD, in magic and in the power of life, in love, in the union as sentient and unique beings that we can come together to generate a collective change, improving everything that makes us divide as Humans.

The trips that she has made, have made her love for this great path increasingly aware of the contribution that she as an individual can offer; thus, carrying a vegetarian diet in this way of respect and love for life.


Hasta que por fin te encontré, cada día te quiero más
Alejandro Lizarazo
Súper recomendada esta experiencia única y mágica, junto a personas maravillosas.
Angélica Baracaldo
Una de las experiencias más hermosas que he tenido en mucho tiempo.
Renacimiento en la verdad, recomendada con la fundación.
Una de mis mejores sanaciones, son personas maravillosas lo que hacen esta fundación.
Momento sanador.
Katherin Puentes
La medicina me otorga paz, armonía, conexión con el universo, medicina sagrada, conexión espiritual, encuentro sagrado.
José Peña
Medicina ancestral, se siente paz con uno mismo, liberación con nosotros mismos, dejamos miedos atrás y un gran amor para dar y recibir.
Nacer de nuevo.
Jonatan Verano
Ha sido mi primera vez, pero estoy feliz y convencida de seguir asistiendo a los retiros que la fundación ofrece.
Agradecido con el taita y con uds. Me sirvió mucho para la mejoría de mi hijo, él ahora se encuentra en España.
Robinson Hernández


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